Karel Van Vogelaer – Carlo dei Fiori

Still Life with Flowers


Carlo dei Fiori ( Maastricht, 1653-Rome, 1695 )


Oil on canvas 64.5×46 cm Expertise: Prof. Mina Gregori


Probablyalready in Rome in 1671 and certainly by 1674, Carlo dei Fiori is the author of this intensestill life in a vase, originating from the Roman examples of Mario dei Fiori, he develops in the baroquemanner a sense of contrasting play of light which contributes to liven up the flowers, evidentlyarranged by a nervous but knowing hand.The varieties of flowers depicted, which stand out and characterize the bouquet are found in othercompositions undoubtedly by Carlo dei Fiori.The measurements of this canvas,not yet approaching the full Baroque, recommend placing this stilllife in the establishing phase of the artist career in Rome, we find a correlation in a group of workswhich have very similar measurements and demarcate a progression of the artist combining asituation between Mario dei Fiori and the Neapolitan active in Rome, Paolo Porpora, identified as themodel for Vogelaer triumphal still lives represented in subsequent paintings of much largerdimensions.